Nothing motivates you more in the first days of the diet than the moment when you weigh yourself in the morning and notice that you have lost some weight. However, do not be so quick to believe that everything goes just fine. If you have suddenly lost 1-2 kilograms in the first 3-4 days, you can be sure that there is fat that you have lost and some muscle mass.

To avoid muscle loss while you are in a caloric deficit (you consume fewer calories than you burn), you need to gradually lose weight based on the correct diet and workout.

, Workout Tips for Avoiding Muscle Loss While Losing Weight, Downtown's Healthcare

Rely on compound exercises that activate multiple muscle groups

An outstanding chiropractor in Denver near me confirms that If you create the right workout, you will be able to maintain your mass and strength while losing only fat.

First of all, introduce as many compound exercises as possible into your training routine. Compound exercises include knee bends, deadlift, ram, traction, parallel floats, military press, push-ups/ dumbbell push-ups, etc. Because compound exercises activate multiple muscle groups, they are ideal for maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Avoid long and tiring workouts combined with a low-calorie diet

If you train for more than 1.5 hours and aim to avoid muscle loss, you make a mistake. You mess up all your hormones. This might sound hard to accept since a longer workout means more calories burned, but you can still burn many calories in a 1-hour workout. Efficiency and intensity are the keys.