When you run, a lot of the tension that your body experiences under its own weight will be focused on your knees. This is why all trainers highly recommend warm-up and stretching exercises before you go jogging. The exercises will ensure that your muscles will have the flexibility and energy to absorb some of that tension, so that it doesn’t all fall on the knee area and cause you pain.

, Why Knee Pain Develops When You Don’t Run Properly, Downtown's Healthcare

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually enough. Running correctly is also very important, since the lack of balance or proper posture can put even more strain on the knees and even cause injuries. This is especially the case if you’re overweight and your legs have to cope with too great a force being placed on them as you start your first jogging sessions.

Don’t let that fool you, of course. According to non surgical Knee on Trac treatment providers, even people who are healthy or athletes can suffer from severe knee pain when they push themselves too much, fail to do their stretching, or use an unbalanced posture while running.

If you don’t run properly, you can develop severe injuries or disorders such as runners knee, which is also called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). According to experts PFPS is the most common condition that runners have to deal with, and it’s caused primarily by an imbalance in the use of the muscles that support your knees while running.