Some people wonder why they have to work hard for every pound they shed, while others seem to live without exercising and dieting and still look slim. Respected Lowry stem cell treatment experts affirm that body weight is influenced by many factors. Yes, what you eat and how much you exercise matter.

But you should also keep in mind that these factors play a role in determining your weight:

  1. Medical Conditions

Diabetes and disabling conditions limit people’s ability to exercise and follow a diet. But you must not despair. In many situations, your treating physician may help you identify activities that you can safely perform in order to keep your weight under control.

  1. Various Medicines

Prescription medicines needed to control various conditions may lead to gaining weight as a side effect. Some of these medicines may increase your appetite, leading to an increased consumption of food. You should talk to your doctor and find ways to manage your weight without interrupting your treatment.

  1. Poor Sleep

People who sleep less than 6 hours per night are at risk of gaining weight. This is many of the negative side effects of poor sleep – including insomnia and interrupted sleep. Thus, if you have trouble sleeping, you should seek help to fix this issue. Some people may need a CPAP machine to fight severe cases of sleep apnea. Others just need to change their mattress and pillow.