Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

October is a great time for a vampire facelift in DenverHalloween is all about trick and treating and costumes – here are some ideas for creative masks, clothes, and accessories:

  • A costume made from fire – a black top with a pattern of large, orange-colored flames and a skirt under which you install some LED strings to create the illusion of flames is not very scary, but it looks just great;
  • Raggy black clothes and a ghost-like make-up – white foundation applied in a thick layer, dark blue circles around the eyes, some painted stitches over the lips and blue lipstick will complement the black ghost suit perfectly;
  • The Grinch – green make-up and green clothes are all you need for this one;
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf – the girly costume can be complemented with a real dog disguised as a wolf or, if you don’t own a dog or you don’t want to bring your four-legged friend to the party, you can get a large plush dog or, even better, a plush wolf;
  • A large spider – this costume is equally suitable for kids and adults. All you need is some sponge to create the legs and some tight black clothes. You can also paint your face to make yourself look more spider-like.

Happy Halloween from Downtown’s Healthcare! What an appropriate month to schedule a vampire facelift Denver office procedure!