The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine is a relatively new field of medicine, a new approach that utilizes the patient’s own cells to restore the health of damaged organs, joints or cartilages and has great results in the treatment of various severe chronic conditions, including chronic pain in joints. The methods used by regenerative medicine include stem cell therapy – see Denver stem cell treatment options – , platelet rich plasma (PRP) and therapy that utilizes growth factors and drives many great benefits – here are some:
• Quicker healing and less pain – regenerative medicine prompts the body’s own cells to regenerate, the body’s own cells to heal, therefore the healing process takes place naturally. As a result, healing is less painful and also much faster than in the case of invasive procedures, such as major surgery;
• Faster recovery – the regenerative process of the affected tissues is jump started with the help of growth factors, which accelerates the healing process;
• Reduced risk of injuries in the future – the process involves natural healing, without mechanical interventions, which means that the treated joint or cartilage will regenerate, rather than just recover after being cut or otherwise manipulated. The outcome of the process is a joint or a cartilage that has regenerated, not recovered artificially, so its function is also restored to the greatest extent possible.