How Common Are Facelifts?

Downtown's HealthcareFace Lifts – the procedures of plastic surgery intended to restore the youthful appearance of the face – are among the most common interventions that patients turn to plastic surgeons for.
The procedure can be performed on the entire face, or it can be used to address only specific issues, such as the removal of under-eye puffiness or of sagging skin in a specific area of the face. The procedure usually involves an incision made on the face, in front of the ear and the removal of skin in order to tighten the remaining skin on the face. In most cases, the procedure takes 2-5 hours, it involves either local or complete anesthesia, depending on how extensive the intervention will be, after which the patient can usually return home a few hours after the surgery. Depending on the surgical technique used, the incision usually takes a couple of weeks or a bit longer to heal and in most cases, it becomes almost completely invisible soon after the healing process is complete. For the face lifts done only on small parts of the face, such as in the area of the brows, many surgeons use endoscopy, a procedure that requires an even smaller incision that heals even faster and leaves behind almost no trace at all.
The Vampire Facelift, which is offered at Downtown’s Healthcare is a great alternative to a traditional facelift which costs $10K-$15K on average, has risks, complications and bruising that lasts for weeks which keeps people away from work and socializing. The Vampire Face Lift and/or The Stem Cell Face Lift costs from $1500 to $6000, is done as an outpatient procedure, requires no medication, involves no downtime and causes very little bruising.