Diet is important for maintaining good health as well as a correct and harmonious development of the body, and nutritional therapy is a complementary part in the healing of various ailments.

We can compare the human body with a complex machine, made up of millions of small engines, some working together, others independently. In order to ensure the optimal functioning of this machine, quality “fuel” must be provided, which comes directly from what we eat.

A healthy diet, combined with a daily exercise program and ensuring the necessary sleep, helps to reduce weight and maintain it in optimal parameters, as well as to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

Adopting a healthy diet does not consist in calculating calories but in assimilating the elementary principles of nutrition. We need to learn what healthy foods are, how they can be combined, what is the need for nutrients according to age, sex, daily activity, etc.

A trusted Lowry stem cell treatment doctor affirms that we must also pay attention to the sources from where we buy our food, because the food must be as natural and less processed as possible, in order to avoid the introduction of unwanted factors into the body. It is ideal to consume vegetables and fruits as natural as possible, meat, eggs and dairy products from safe sources, foods that are as little processed and loaded with additives as possible.