, Is Body Weight Exercise Better Than Lifting Weights?, Downtown's Healthcare

Body weight exercise is used successfully by many of those who are just starting out with their workouts. If you’ve been engaged in a sedentary lifestyle over the past 5 years or more, and you want to start exercising, providers of Knee on Trac therapy confirm that body weight workouts are considered among your best options. They involve minimal tension on the body, and they can still give your heart a good workout while also targeting specific muscle groups that you need to focus on in order to build up your core and ensure that you don’t get so tired after a workout as time passes by.

In contrast, weight lifting is considered by many to be the “next level” when it comes to working out. While you can still start with smaller weights if you don’t suffer from obesity, lifting weights should be somewhat limited until your body gets in shape enough to deal with the added tension. The idea is that lifting weights is somewhat artificial, and it can put undue strain on your body that it might not be ready to deal with. Also, heavy weight lifting is anaerobic, which means it can put a lot of pressure on your heart and vascular system. If you’re suffering from HBP or obesity, starting out with workouts focusing predominantly on light cardio should be the way to go.

Aside from jogging and various sports, body weight exercises are the best when you’re just starting out. They can help you lose weight and get in shape, so you’ll be ready for the next stage in your workout sessions, as you start to integrate weight lifting and muscle building aside from your previously used fat burning exercises.