Do you switch from one diet to another but fail to lose weight or maintain the results? These are situations that most of us face when we try to get back into shape. That’s why the following realistic tips are very useful to help you lose weight safely and naturally without messing up your life, your schedule or leave you feeling frustrated.

What does it mean to lose weight in a healthy way?

You can safely lose about 0.5-1 kg per week. Otherwise, you risk triggering problems such as loss of muscle mass, nutritional deficiencies or slowing metabolism. Such stress will not help you in your efforts to lose weight. On the contrary, it can make you fatter. The body really begins to lose weight only after about two weeks.

Change the diet but forget about the word “diet”.

Health professionals at Downtown’s Healthcare,, affirm that healthy eating is based on:

  • fruits, vegetables.
  • fish and lean meats.
  • naturally low-fat dairy products.
  • whole grain bakery products.
  • healthy fats such as fish, nuts, avocados and oils such as olive or coconut.

Make sure you do not starve yourself otherwise you will do more harm than good and you will not even lose as much weight as you might have thought.

Start an active lifestyle. Exercising keeps you healthy.

Exercising helps you lose weight faster by burning fat deposits while helping to develop your muscle mass. Thus, you will have better tone and a better state of health in the long run.