Why It’s Important to Take Breaks from Working All the Time

Most of us spend most of our day working – whether we work from an office, from home, whether we commute to perform various work-related tasks or the work is static, very few of us have eight-hour work days. In many companies, employees in leadership positions work over 70 hours a week and many of these overworked people skip yearly vacations, too. According to recent studies, the attitude causes more harm than good – here is why regular breaks from work are so important:

  • Productivity – one of the most important units of measurement for one’s work is productivity, the parameter that shows a declining trend proportional with the amount of time spent without a break. In other words, the more you go without a vacation, the less focused you can stay and the less reliable your work will be;
  • Health – prolonged stress is known to be extremely harmful for bodily and mental health as well. Physical exhaustion accompanied by mental fatigue is the perfect storm – people suffering from both are likely to make worse decisions than they would, should they be rested and relaxed and their immune systems also become weaker, increasing the likelihood of developing or contracting a wide range of illnesses.

If you find your health has been impacted by long working hours, lack of exercise, stress, and pain, you can find excellent guidance from the collaborative team of health providers at Downtown’s Healthcare.