Exercise Ideas for Spring

Denver chiropractor reviewsSpring is a wonderful time, just perfect for moving your exercise routine outside, as well as for starting exercising. It is also a great time to make sure your body is in tip top healthy shape. If you feel your back alignment is a bit off, look to Downtown’s Healthcare for outstanding Denver chiropractor reviews and have them help you be at your best starting a new exercise routine. Here are some great forms of outdoor exercise that can be simulated indoors, but are much more enjoyable outdoors:

  • Bike riding – you can hop on a stationary bike and choose a program that involves uphill pedaling, but doing it all outside is much more enjoyable – no high-tech gym equipment can simulate the wind in your hair, the sunshine and the view;
  • Going for a long walk – nothing compares to the fun you can have taking a long walk in nature. Whether you have some hills nearby or you just take a walk in a city park or in the fields, you will probably enjoy not only being physically active, but also the calming, soothing effects of the walk;
  • Jogging – you can use a treadmill to jog or, if you want the real thing, you can choose a jogging trail and do it outside. Jogging in a forest or in a field is much more efficient than doing it on a treadmill (you will notice that running a 10K on a machine and doing it in nature are two worlds apart), not to mention the stress relief benefits of exercising in nature.