Ever Wondered what Corporate Wellness is?

Ever Wondered what Corporate Wellness is?   

The cost of life insurances most companies provide their employees with can amount to a fairly large sum over time. This is why there are corporate wellness policies implemented in the system. However, this may sound a little too general. What exactly is corporate wellness?

            At its core, workplace wellness, as it is also called, are different activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure the employees’ health is good. Most firms offer stress management classes, gym subscriptions, free medical screenings and even weight management programs. Other facilities are on-site fitness areas and a kitchen. Some may even promote ground breaking stem cell treatment Denver healthcare options.

stem cell treatment Denver            There are three categories of these activities: the first one aims to keep the healthiness of employees that are already relatively fit, the second tries to counterbalance and improve negative habits such as smoking and lastly the third category provides employees suffering from chronic illnesses with medical solutions and generally aims to reduce the effects of already existing medical conditions.

            Most major companies have some sort or another of these programs, as they have proven efficient over time, saving money by preventing sick leaves and boosting productivity exceeding the sums spent for medical assistance.

            As a conclusion, corporate wellness is a way your employer takes care of your health, as a sick employee cannot function properly on the job.