Developing A Selfcare Routine Without Spending Extra Money

Downtown's HealthcareAn efficient selfcare routine that improves your general health and well-being does not have to be costly – as a matter of fact, the range of selfcare measures that you can implement right away, without spending extra money, is incredibly wide. Here are some easy and low-cost tips for you:

  • Pay attention to hydration – hydration is essential for maintaining your health, so try to consume at least 2 liters of water, herbal tea and fresh fruit juice every day – you will instantly start feeling better in your skin and your hair, your joints and your stomach will be grateful;
  • Walk whenever you can – walking everywhere might not be possible, but getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier and covering the rest of the road to your destination on foot certainly is. As little as 20 minutes of brisk walk per day will tone your muscles, improve your circulation, calm your mind and improve your sleep from day one;
  • Clean up your diet – try to reduce your intake of fast food and semi-prepared food. Start experimenting with recipes, adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish;
  • Turn off digital devices at least two hours before you go to bed – it might seem difficult to go to bed without your favorite TV show, but you will start feeling the benefits very soon.

If you have additional questions regarding self care and ways to develop a healthier mind and body, schedule a consult with the professionals at Downtown’s Healthcare.