Many lifestyle mistakes can cause premature aging. One of them is exposure to sunlight which can lead to discoloration in the skin, moles, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. To avoid such damage to your skin, it is important to reapply sunscreen during the day and always to purchase sunblock from reputable sellers.

Similarly, Downtown’s Healthcare Lowry providers confirm that smoking can lead to the deterioration of collagen and impairment of blood flow which, in turn, can disrupt the oxygenation process and contribute to photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkle formation. Smoking is a well-known aging factor. However, there are less known contributors, such as make-up residues, that can clog pores and cause fine lines to form more easily.

A fourth common lifestyle mistake is not moisturizing or hydrating well enough during the day. When not moisturized properly, skin becomes more sensitive and slightly drier. Similarly, not staying hydrated can disrupt cell repair and make your body more vulnerable to aggressors.

The ultimate lifestyle mistake is not eating a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is essential to avoid fried food, artificial flavors, processed foods, additives, and sugar. They are all contributors to faster aging because they accelerate the aging process. Moreover, the best tip for staying young-looking is eating a Mediterranean diet with healthy oils via fish, nuts, and seeds.

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