Increasing life expectancy is a success of modern medicine.  The elderly patients must be taken seriously. They must be understood and respected, if not loved.  Often, the senior patient is in a pathogenic environment from which they should be removed, at least temporarily.  It is known that results are not obtained if the patient passively accepts the therapeutic measures; they must actively participate in them.

Whether we like it or not, the human body is subjected, throughout life, to a series of transformations that, in the end, make possible the appearance of the aging phenomenon.  We are all subject to this inescapable phenomenon of degeneration.

Are there any elixirs of eternal youth, are there any rejuvenating remedies?

No, but a holistic approach to aging may actually work to some extend! And according to collagen producing vampire facelift Denver area practitioners, there are nonsurgical treatments that can mask the signs of aging.

The regeneration and rejuvenation process of the body in general, or of its various organs, is natural, occurring by itself when we are in full balance with everything that exists.  This process can be stimulated by the administration of certain natural remedies, healing exercises, as well as by adopting a healthy lifestyle and a suitable diet.

Among the beneficial effects of a holistic approach to aging we mention: the aging process slows down, longevity increases, natural resistance to infections increases, and the balance between anabolism and metabolism in the body is adjusted.